Join a Salon Conversation today.

Improbable conversations that
transcend differences and spark change.

I believe we can change the world
simply by talking to one another.

Change is created by conversations between people who wouldn’t normally have the chance to speak with one another.

Conversations with strangers. Conversations with people in another town, state, province or country. Conversations with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I call these “improbable conversations,” conversations that are not likely to happen.

Change happens when we get past our differences and move on to common ground and understanding.

We can also change the world by fighting social isolation.

Meaningful connection to others is as essential as the air we breathe. Social isolation is reaching epidemic proportions. Loneliness can cause depression, anxiety, poor sleep, stress, heart disease and cognitive decline.

Simply put, talking is healthy.

The Answer: Salon Conversations

Salon Conversations are named after the discussions and exchange of ideas that took place in the living room–the salon–in Europe beginning in the 16th century, and especially Paris in the 17th and 18th centuries. Coffee houses in England were also important to the sharing of new ideas.

With Salon Conversations, the salon is virtual.

Using Zoom video conferencing, you’ll join up to ten other people from different parts of the world in a virtual living room. It’s not a chat room; it’s live video where you interact with others through speech or text chat.

And because we try and match people based on what you like to talk about, you’ll already have something in common with the others in your conversation.

Here’s How It Works

Click here to fill out a registration form.

This form will ask you for your email address so I can contact you with your conversation time and topic. It will also ask you for some ideas about what you like to talk about, and the time of day that is best for you.

Make sure your device has a video camera. Most smartphones and notepads (e.g., iPads) have one, as do most laptop computers.

In a couple of weeks (or less), I’ll send you an email letting you know of your conversation time and topic. The email will include instructions for joining the conversation on Zoom.

Salon Conversations are in the experimental stage, so I ask for your patience ahead of time! Thank you.